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Service Description

Those who face the market of the telephone business require clarity, simplicity and above all the security of being able to count on a competent and reliable partner. Thanks to the experience of Intermatica we can follow you in the development of your business and broaden the horizons with a series of advantages and personalized opportunities. To use VAS services, there is no need to have additional lines: calls are routed, via the Intermatica intelligent network, on any fixed or mobile telephone line, both national and international. The PLM web control panel allows you to change call routing in real time, view incoming calls, and access all of your numbering statistics. All numbers can also be reached from mobile phones.

Our Services

NNG Numbering 89X (892, 893, 894, 895, 899) as well as Swiss Numbering (0901/0906/0900) are Special Telephone Numbering also called "Value Added Numbering" or "Premium Numbering".

With these definitions, we refer to the sale of services to the public for professional information services, social information services, entertainment or ticketing.

VAS Number

Numbers dedicated to the sale of professional services to the public.

Swiss Number

Numbers dedicated to value-added services from all phones in Switzerland.

Orange Service

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Toll-Free Number

Company numbers for public services.

GEO Number

Fixed network number, with a "geographical" prefix, marked by a prefix that identifies the location (e.g. 06 for Rome, 02 for Milan, etc.).
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Our Solutions

Intermatica has always projected innovation in the field of telecommunications to make them accessible and available, everywhere and for everyone.
We empower your projects configuring them with all our VAS services tailored and designed for you!


Simple tool to promote and grow your business.


Payment platform for your value-added telephone services.


Access VAS services with a simple charge


The ideal prepaid phone card for micropayments on the web.

Why choose Intermatica

  • National Telephone Operator with General Authorization
  • Over 20 years of experience in Telecommunications
  • Transparency of offers and customized solutions
  • Highly qualified, competent and professional team
  • Specialized technical assistance 24/7
  • Number portability for all numbering