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Works Management

The Works Management is a fundamental activity within any project. The primary objective is to ensure that implementation works proceed effectively, efficiently and in accordance with plans and technical specifications.

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Supervision of the construction site

The works manager is responsible for direct supervision of the construction site. This implies constant presence in the workplace to monitor the progress of the work, make sure that the directives and specifications of the project are followed and promptly resolve any problems or issues that may arise during the implementation.

Quality control

The works management includes constant monitoring of the quality of the materials used and the construction methods used.

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Budget management

The works manager, in agreement with the client, manages the project budget, ensuring that the costs are kept under control. It manages supplier payment requests and identifies any additional costs or changes from the original plan.

Coordination of contractors and subcontractors

The Works Manager coordinates the contractors' activities in an effort to ensure effective cooperation and smooth workflow.

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Management of deadlines

The works management carefully follows the work schedule, ensuring that the different phases are completed on time and that the project meets the expected delivery dates.

Communication and documentation

Site reports and final documentation are important for tracking progress, handling legal issues, and resolving disputes that may arise during or after construction.


Unforeseen issues may arise during implementation, requiring immediate solutions. The works manager addresses these situations, makes decisions and finds pragmatic solutions to keep the project going.