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Service Description

Wholesale is dedicated to services and products aimed at the world of telephone traffic for Companies, Individuals and Carriers. Dedicated infrastructures and interconnections with the main national and international carriers allow to offer high-performance, competitive and flexible «voice» solutions.

Services for Companies

Intermatica is the ideal partner to increase the competitiveness of all those looking for new business opportunities in the world of telecommunications. Network structures in Rome (c/o namex, Mediterranean interchange point) in Milan (c/o Irideos, chosen by international players) and «pop» located in London, Frankfurt and Sharjah (UAE) allow to manage high volumes of traffic to and from all countries of the world.

Hosting Service

Hosting Service

is the service dedicated to companies that intend to make their entry into the telephone market by having geographical numbers and not geographical but without their network infrastructure.

Provisioning Service

Provisioning Service

It is the service dedicated to companies that intend to enter the telephone market without geographical and non-geographical numbering assigned to them and a network infrastructure. Through its IP network Intermatica guarantees high capacity and reliability.

Number Portability

Number Portability

Intermatica offers the possibility to bring geographical and non-geographical numbers on its network. Thanks to this service, the customer retains their number by taking advantage of the quality and offers of Intermatica.

Toll-Free Number

Toll-Free Number

Intermatica supports companies that want to be contacted by phone by their customers. Through the toll-free number, companies and public bodies have the opportunity to provide assistance on their products and services, thanks to a telephone line that allows them to receive completely free calls for the customer.

GEO Numbers

GEO Numbers

The Geographical Number is a fixed network telephone number with a prefix that identifies the location. Each Intermatic Customer may request the assignment of one or more geographical numbering. The cost of the call is borne by the caller for both domestic and foreign calls.

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Services for Consumer

With Intermatica you have the maximum of convenience and quality for worldwide calls!


Worldwide calls at extremely low rates
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Carrier to Carrier

Intermatica guarantees its Partners a competitive and flexible voice offer, thanks to the interconnections with the main national and international Carriers.


The service provides for the routing and termination of voice traffic to the relevant operators, ensuring flexible management and maximum attention to the quality/ price ratio.

An accurate management of the Least Cost Routing (LCR) and the continuous control of the parameters of traffic quality, guarantee a Prime Carrier service perfectly in line with customer expectations.


Our Plus

  • International AZ offer competitive and customized
  • Direct Termination at affordable rates in traffic to Italy
  • Leader in the Italian toll-free numbers market
  • Geographical numbers offer of the main Italian cities
  • Technical SUpport 24/7

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